03 October 2010


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It is my joy to admit that I'm over my head in presenting this information, yet so be it. I've been involved with discussions with this group since I joined, and I'm hoping that others will follow suit.

There are no means by which we establish ourselves as better than others, especially when our humanity is not based upon our level of education. For those who wish to learn, God provides those who are actually capable of learning, and instructing with humility.

IMO. I've not posted formally, but have been in contact with folks in this format at Philpapers. There is a place for folks to gather to discuss, but my point is that if it remains in the secret caverns of the learned it will not benefit our fellow citizens. Especially our brethren of the faith in our awesome God. Not one left behind, this should be our mantra in Jesus our Lord.

In my humble opinion.

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I really want to have fellow disciples as well and folks with inquiring minds to interact here. Thanks for your patience as I get this sorted. Email me at gcandj at gmail daught kohm is you have difficulty. BTW, that was intentionally misspelled, but you should not do so if emailing me.

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